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Ok fellow dirt bags, I’ve updated the site a bit and added some cool shit. The voting system now is based on “level of fucked up”, 1-5 with 5 being the highest level of “fucked up”. Before it was just rate this 1-5, if you mouse over the number it will show which level means. Also, I added a section for “Most Fucked Up”, which shows the most popular posts and articles. The last update is on the far right which is a section for “Fucked Up Stuff”,  so far I only have 2 things listed; Virilix (penis pills I eat like candy) and the Flesh Light (a fake pussy that I like to use when my hand is sore). Well enjoy today’s fucked up picture!!!

Dick Biter!!!!Image Courtesy Wife Bucket

Level 1 (not fucked up at all!)Level 2 (kinda fucked up!)Level 3 (moderately fucked up!)Level 4 (pretty damn fucked up!)Level 5 (OMG thats totally fucked up!) (121 votes, average fucked up level: 2.45 of 5)
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