What the fuck is a Wife Bucket?

I thought I’d like to share this tidbit of information with you from a new, fucked up site I just joined; Wife Bucket. What is the definition of a Wife Bucket? The answer my student, Wife Bucket is a term used to describe a MILF who is married and likes to suck cock and get fucked while taking nude amateur photos and videos of herself. So basically a Wife Bucket is the same thing as an Amateur Whore but she’s more mature and usually has a wedding ring in her pictures. Since this is a new term, here is a picture…

Naked Wife Bucket

As you can clearly see this bitch covering in tats sitting on a pink dildo, has a wedding band on. She isn’t a professional porn star or anything but someones wife…a real amateur Wife Bucket. Now you may ask, did I really join the site to look at a bunch of Amateur MILFS? The answer is yes and I even took a screen shot of the members area so you can see.

Wife Bucket Members Area

The place is full of naked wives eating cum, getting fucked and even getting shit shoved into their holes. If you thought that married women behave, this site shows you they are some of the biggest sluts in the world…even the support lady for the site is a dirty ass 40+ something sperm eating bitch.

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