Tiger Woods Connection to Pornstar Joslyn James (Pics)

Well this site is Fucked Up Porn Sites, so yes there we will be talking this along side with our man of the hour, Tiger Woods. Today’s fucked up site has to do with Tiger Woods. Yes, I hear you sitting there thinking…WTF?!?! Tiger Wood apparently has been fucking an adult film actress and MILF Pornstar named Joslyn James aka Veronica Siwik-Daniels. The chick is not that remarkable other then her huge ass tits, tats and an all too familiar “porn whore” look. Here’s a video I found on youtube of her…

Now here is the fucked up part, she has done a ton of scenes and has been in videos all over but one of the sites she shot for is called, “Bruthas Who Love Mothas“. See I told you there was a connection!!!! She’s also done work on these other sites…

Please Bang My Wife (I’d so want to bang Tiger’s Wife), MILFs in Heat (I’d so want to bang Tiger’s Wife, she’s a MILF) and she’s done work on the big cock site…I Love Monster Cocks.

So the question that the media should be asking now is…does Tiger have a monster cock also? Was Tiger able to please the her? Enjoy this exlusive photo of Tiger Wood at work on the golf course and Pornstar Joslyn James at work in the studio sucking down a monster cock. Gooo Tiger!!!

Tiger Woods at work, Pornstar Joslyn James at work.

A couple made in heaven: Tiger Woods at work, Pornstar Joslyn James at work.

P.S. Here are some galleries of the Joslyn James for your wanking enjoyment…now you see what Tiger Woods was nailing…lol

I Love Monster Cocks – Joslyn James (Picture Gallery #1)
I Love Monster Cocks – Joslyn James (Picture Gallery #2)
Please Bang My Wife – Joslyn James (Pics)
I Love Monster Cocks – Joslyn James (Video Clips #1)
I Love Monster Cocks – Joslyn James (Video Clips #2)
MILFS in Heat – Joslyn James (Pics)
Bruthas Who Luv Mothas – Joslyn James (Pics)

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