Rocco is back…to plug some ass.

Rocco Siffredi is one sick motherfucker…that’s a good thing. His work has always been fucked up; choking girls, spitting in their faces, shoving toes in them, and having them eat his ass. One the of things that stands out about his scenes is he always tries to gape the girl and if there’s another girl present will make her lick the caved out hole and raw rim. Take a look at the picture below from Rocco’s Back… in this scene he fucked the bitches ass so hard that it looked like medium rare prime rib, then made her friend the gaping hole…look at the size of the hole it’s HUGE!!!

This scene is from Rocco’s Back available either from his website (Rocco Siffredi) or Evil Angel. By the way. Evil Angel just relaunched their site and both you can now access both sites under one membership because they are on the same network.

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