New Site: Tiny Dick – 3 inches!!!

Tiny Dick – the name says it all lol. The site features an amateur male pornstar named Jack, who has literally a 3 inch penis…when fully erect. Apparently, the dude’s wife came up with the idea for the website, because her man’s cock was so umm, unique. So what they did was went out and hired amateur girls and casted her friends for a “surprise”. The results were awesome…especially the reactions. Check these videos…

Video Sample #1 – She says last time she saw a dick this small she was changing a diaper, ROFL
Video Sample #2 – Two girls make fun and laugh at the guys small dick, LOL

“My husband, Jack, has the smallest little penis I have ever seen in my life. I don’t even fuck him anymore… it’s THAT small LOL. Recently, I’ve been inviting my girlfriends over for special surprises. They get all excited thinking about what it could be. Then when they show up and see that their surprise is that they have to jerk, suck and fuck my husband’s pathetic little penis, they are not very happy. But we have fun anyway, laughing at Jack and his dick and talking all about what kinds of big dicks we like to fuck, and i’ll tell you one thing. It’s Definitely NOT JACK!!!”

My Tiny Dick!

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