Elderly guy fucked by teen girl.

Yesterday, I posted about Amai Liu and how I felt sorry for her…I mean being roped up like a pig and fucked while gagged isn’t friendly stuff. Well I did some more poking around (no pun intended) in the members area and found a few more scenes with Amai in them, this one is from Jurassic Cock (on the same network). Now this chick is always in some fucked up shit or fucked up situations. Must be her barely legal looks and willingness to do anything or something. In the scene below, she finds an elderly patient asleep and decided to suck his cock. The dude is like fully asleep and she sucks his dick, he wakes up and fucks the shit out of her. Yes, again she is wearing schoolgirl stockings and a book bag…lol! Look at the guy, he’s so old his weird cock is bent and all fucked up looking…

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