Dare Dorm = Real College Students

Happy Friday. A few weeks ago I posted about this new fucked up site called Dare Dorm, it was new back then so who the fuck knew if it was good or not, anyways this morning I signed up just to check it out because the pricing was different (like 1 buck for 2 days). I have to tell you that this site is fucking great! At first I thought it was some elaborate staged shit, but after seeing the videos they have on there…the shit is real as fuck.

Some dirty slut watching her friend getting fucked on Dare Dorm

There is no camera man, no production crew or any of that other shit, the people filming it are the people fucking. We are talking college students fucking in their dorm rooms and what’s even more funny is the site lists which state and college they are from. I took a look at the site in even more detail and can say they have a good method of getting people to send in their videos, check out how they get real amateur videos sent (Dare Dorm Submission Rules).I mean fuck $10,000 to make an orgy video and send it into a website? FUCK.

Collage of Amateur Sluts from Dare Dorm

Look at those dirty ass bitches in the collage, no fucking shame. So with my $1 trial membership, I have 2 days to wack off to this shit…perfect for the weekend lol! Anyways, here is a flash video, check this shit out…

See More Videos on Dare Dorm

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