Fat Bitch gets fucked hard.

I added a new category here, it’s called Fat Sluts. Yes, I know I’ve neglected the fat whores of porn so look for some more posts on fucking fat pig sluts like the one below. Some guys simply like fat cows…I think they are vile but find it interesting so on every now and then, watch fat porn at 50% speed because watching the waves of fat on a sluts body looks cool, especially if she’s getting drilled from behind. Look at this ugly ass bitch below, you can’t even tell if the dick is going in her pussy or ass…

I find it equally amazing that the guy in this scene and keep it hard while looking at this fat cow. Pic is courtesy of Devils Film and is from a movie called “I Wanna Butt-fuck a Fatty #02″ view the trailer here. Would you fuck a fatty like this if she asked you for anal? I probably would ROFL

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