Fucked up teen site: Sell Your GF (Girlfriend)

The Russians are at it again…shocking the world with their crazy ass porn. The fucked up porn site these images are from is called, Sell Your GF aka Sell Your Girlfriend. You all have heard of “cuckold” sites, where a husband watches his wife get fucked and this site is similar but a tad different…this one has TEEN Girls from Russia!

Teen chick gets sold to the highest bidder

The site is about dudes who run out of money so they sell their girlfriends to strangers for cash. The shit on here looks real and filmed in hotel rooms or someones house, even down to the shitty wallpaper. Look at the dude crying below, hilarious!

Guy sells his girlfriend like she's a hooker

The site slogan is Sell Your GF – “Guys Sell Their GFs to Strangers Like Prostitutes” and that’s exactly what happens! Shits pretty awesome especially when the couple is holding hands while the girlfriend is getting fucked, the look in her eye is…priceless!

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