Teen BFF – Best Fuck Friends?

Teens these days. Horny as fuck and ready to fuck everyone, even their best friends. I’m a perverted fucker so when I hear the term BFF, I instantly think it means Best Fuck Friend…much like FTF (Friends That Fuck). Anyways it actually stands for Best Friends Forever…who ever thought of that terms should be impaled with 6 dildos in the ass. Anyways, today’s fucked up porn is from a new amateur teen porn site that just went up called Teen BFF.

I like how the bitches are in regular clothes and everyday pics at first then they fuck each other and a cock. It’s fun to see the before and after pictures…reminds me of the freshman college girls in my dorm that were always experimenting with each other. Check out this from the site; “We have broken into thousands of Facebook, Myspace, Flickr and Photobucket accounts to harvest personal media uploaded by 18yo sluts. We bring you the crazy private Girlfriend content other sites only promise you. It doesn’t matter if it’s intimate pictures, hijacked webcams or their first sex tape”. Oh and it’s part of the Porn Pros so if you are a member already it’s a new site on the network, if not sign-up and get access to 30 other sites. Check out this video and the fucking giggling going on…

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